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Shipbuilding Industry

2024-05-22 17:13:05

In recent years, China's shipbuilding industry obtained the unprecedented development, according to relevant statistics show that in 2013 China's shipbuilding completed 4534 deadweight tons, new orders reached 69.84 million deadweight tons. Since 2010 as the world's shipbuilding, China keep No. 1 during the 4 years in the world.

Ship manufacturing industry is the embodiment of the country's manufacturing technology level. Marine diesel engine is shipbuilding core parts, its development drives the machine tool industry especially the big heavy machine tool development and innovation, and it also has very strict requirements for measuring equipment to adapt to the measurement of these large precision parts. Type of Marine diesel engine parts and components are mainly composed of box parts, including upper and lower crankcase, connecting rod, crankshaft, cylinder head, flywheel shell parts and so on. Relative to other components, it has the functions of large size, more measurement items and high accuracy. So large bridge and large gantry precision measuring instrument is ideal solution for bed diesel engine parts and components, especially the measurement of main body.

The main body as a foundation for the diesel engine, it supports the whole diesel engine. All parts and auxiliary system directly or indirectly fixed on the body, which form the compact and easy-maintaining appearance. Therefore, the detection of main body is the most complicated measurement of diesel engine parts.

The SPOINT series can meet the demand of large-size work-piece measurement. We have the advanced technology, strict manufacturing processes to provide accurate and efficient measurement solutions for the aerospace, national defense, automobile manufacturing, mold, ships, and so on.