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2024-05-22 17:15:14

About the automotive engine system, oblique oil hole and valve guide hole is frequently used structure. In general this kind of structure has an angle with processing base. Their machining precision is very high, plays a very important role in the engine processing. However, how to correctly measure the real value of parts processing, it has been an urgent problem need to be solved. 

The rapid development of modern measuring technology, coordinate measuring machine are now able to intelligently automatic measurements. For inclined holes, we can use rotating probe which can easily measured in any direction. But some of the CMM use measuring head which can't rotation freely, the measurement of angle calculation is very hard. But using the theory of two dimensional angle of rotation, can carry on some angle calculation work. So you can make up for the inadequacy of probe function, can measure the angle of the inclined hole more accurately and so on.

Work-pieces are placed at random in the CMM measuring space, it is likely to tilt in space, which we have to calibrate, also is to make the rotating machine tool measuring coordinate system parallel to the reference frame parts, then build work-piece coordinate on work-piece. 

If the work-piece fixed well on the workbench, may be only two axis tilt, only on a plane inclined to each other. That is to say there is a public axis of two coordinate reference frame. We just need to rotate the two axes which perpendicular to the invariable axis, make them tend to be parallel. Two-dimensional find is enough.

Parts are find essence is through the mathematical calculation to determine a direction of the axis or two axis, so the part coordinate system, the process of building only two-dimensional can find is even axis rotation is to keep public axis coefficient is constant.

When a part has two coordinate system, if the relationship between the two coordinate system has a certain point of view, this time can be in the original based on 3 d alignment by rotation Angle for two-dimensional alignment.