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2024-05-22 17:14:02

There is a huge difference between the aerospace manufacturing industry and the general manufacturing industry, and the quality problems of aerospace products will cause incalculable consequences, so the contribution of measurement equipment is indelible. According to the structure, use and characteristics of aerospace products, in addition to the selection of general testing equipment, there are many measuring equipment applied in aerospace machinery manufacturing. There are three main categories:

1.Optic Comparator

It is a kind of high precision optical mechanical measuring instrument, it has been widely used in the manufacture of machinery and equipment, mainly used in measuring relative method.

2.Digital imaging instrument (Video measuring microscope, CNC video measuring instrument)

It can efficiently detect all kinds of complicated contour, surface and size of work-piece, angle and position, especially the precision parts of microscopic inspection and quality control.


It is a commonly used measuring equipment, mainly used in contact measurement, and it can automatically perform the function of measurement, with high stability. It is able to complete the general detection quickly and efficiently, effectively improve the efficiency of detection to ensure the measurement accuracy and stability. It is also with functions of system analysis and automatic detection.

Parts are mostly due to constitute the aerospace model product sheet small batch production, requires measuring equipment functional comparison of strong, high accuracy requirement. Concrete can be from four points to consider: (1) measuring equipment shall be according to the requirements of the products tested technology, to choose the accuracy of the measuring equipment itself. (2) according to the shape of the workpiece size measurement of the specifications of the equipment. (3) according to the workpiece tolerance grade choose the accuracy of measuring equipment, measurement equipment of measurement error must be less than 1/3 or 1/2 of tolerance of the parts. (4) measurement equipment with high precision, high sensitivity, good stability and convenient and reliable.

Aerospace manufacturing and there is great difference between ordinary manufacturing, aerospace product quality problems will have incalculable consequences, as a result, the measuring equipment for aerospace contribution is indelible.