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How to Calibrate CMM Probe Head


Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is more and more widely used in machinery, automobile, aerospace, mold and other industries, and the objects to be tested are more and more complex, which requires testers to be flexible in the measurement process. Probe is an important part of CMM, it plays a very important role, can provide a stable basis for measurement accuracy. Before using a coordinate measuring machine, the probe must first be calibrated to determine its accuracy.

CMM Probe.jpg


We can calibrate the probe using the following steps. First of all, it is necessary to confirm whether the installation direction of the probe is consistent with the axis direction of the coordinate machine, and after removing the probe, it is necessary to calibrate. It needs to ensure that the quill is fixed and reliable. The probe and stylus need to be calibrated using special tools to ensure that the ruby ball is clean and free of damage. The extension rod must be installed in accordance with the bearing capacity of the measuring head.


To make the probe quill, extension rod, stylus and probe set correctly, the probe should be used in the correct position. The standard diameter must be the true value on the calibration certificate. The probe must be calibrated at the speed at which it was measured. When calibrating a single probe, note the deviation between the diameter of the stylus diameter and the sphere.


If multiple probe positions are corrected, in addition to the above precautions, a standard measuring head that is adjusted every three coordinates should be used, and the data must be kept within the range of detection errors when changing its observation coordinates.


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