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CMM Fixture

Our own-made 108 pieces flxible fixture set, which can satisfy the fix and support the parts being measured and ensure that the measured parts can maintain stable and accurate positioning and support during the measurement process, thereby ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results. 


    1. Stably fix the parts
    The coordinate measuring machine fixture can firmly fix the measured parts on the workbench of the measuring machine, ensuring that the parts will not move or deform during the measurement process, thus ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results.
    2. Provide support and positioning
    The fixture can provide support and positioning of the measured part to maintain the correct position and attitude during the measurement process, ensuring that the geometric features and dimensions of the part can be accurately obtained during measurement.
    3. Adapt to parts of different shapes
    The fixture can usually be adjusted and adapted according to the shape and size of the part being tested, and can be applied to parts of various shapes and sizes, improving the flexibility and applicability of measurement.


    CMM SPARE PARTTS (10)0k3
    Fixture 17mm
    Fixture 25e7

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