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Xi'an DIPSEC Metrology Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Economic and Technological Development Zone of Xi’an, and the technology R&D and manufacturing  center is situated in No.526 Xitai Road, Phase 2, Information Industrial Park, High-tech Development Zone, Xi'an. 

The company is a professional comprehensive enterprise of length measurement and testing which integrates R&D, design, production & processing and domestic & overseas sales. The company owns a clean assembly and commissioning site of more than 4,000 square meters, clean production site of more than 20,000 square meters, and an independent constant temperature laboratory(Temperature Index: 20±0.5°C). With a high-quality R&D and production team that professional and technical personnel account for more than 60% and R&D designers account for more than 20%, which is a high-tech assembly and manufacturing enterprise with independent intellectual property rights.

  • 4000
    Commissioning Site
  • 2000
    Clean Production Site
  • 20
    R&D Designers
  • 60
    Technical Personnel

The Main Products Include

Ultra-high-accuracy Coordinate Measuring Machine, High-precision Coordinate Measuring Machine, Vision Measuring Instrument, Profile Measuring Instrument, Gear measuring machine, Optical Profilometer, Automated Production Line Online Inspection Products, IoT-enabled Smart Manufacturing Supply Chain, Production Line Quality Monitoring Software System, Automated Robotic Arm Inspection Products and Industrial Product Automated Defect Detection Products; The detection methods cover various measurements such as triggered measurement, optical CCD measurement, white light confocal measurement and laser interferometry; The measurement accuracy starts from 0.7μm, and the measuring products with different accuracy can meet the needs of various dimensional measurements.

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Social Responsibility

• Treat people with sincerity, humility, kindness and products are bang for the buck
• Responsibility for development must be assumed
• Can't ignore one thing and lose the other
• Take the responsibility of protecting the environment and maintaining the harmony of nature
• To assume responsibility for the development of health care, education and cultural development
• Assume the responsibility of helping the poor
• Abide by the law and protect the employees of the enterprise
• We must take responsibility for developing science and technology
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We deliver the goods to the most complicated places on earth

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